Next, Peru

gate, Peru

So, M and I left Inuvik together and flew to Vancouver. From there, she flew to Montreal and I to San Francisco. I was home for a week, and then I flew down to Peru to see N.

It was another road trip — I flew to Lima, and then to Tarapoto. Nora met me there and we rushed back to her town because she needed to give a class (rushed in a manner of speaking — we did rush, and it took us 24 hours). We stayed in her village for about three days and then retraced our steps slowly to Tarapoto and the airport, stopping in Chachapoyas, where we saw Kuellap, an amazing ruin, Moyobamba, where we stayed out in the country at a tilapia farm, and Tarapoto itself, where we visited a market, a cigar factory, and a wildlife refuge.

Peru is beautiful, and it was great to see N. We’re going back at Christmas, although possibly to a different part of the country.



leymebamba 2

rooftops leymebamba


keullap view

kuellap view 2

tower at kuellap

view from kuellap 3

Nora and andrea kuellap

kuellap view 4






nora tarapoto

It really does look like that — mountains, and then when you look closely, people farming all the way up. It’s lovely.


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