Friday fishwrap


Thank heavens we have made it to Friday. It’s been a busy week. I have been busy at work, but I think I’ve also been busy getting back into a routine. I missed my exercise classes on Monday and Tuesday, but felt sufficiently miserable about it to go Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Thursday is swimming — we have a new swimming coach and I think he’s going to be great. Anyway, so I’m tired, but I not as tired as I was last week, which is a good sign.

I could move on to a more challenging class on Monday and Wednesday, but I go to the easy classes with two women from work, and I have to say it is a lot easier to make yourself go when someone sticks their head in your door and asks if you’re going. Might be better not to lose that source of motivation.

I know this is super compelling. (Not.)

In other news, it is nearly cold enough here to wear flannel.

Oh dear — I was planning to stay late at work, but I think I may need to go home right now and crawl into bed.

All right. I think I may go tomorrow morning to buy some mulch and learn about rock gardens — that would be good, right? It would.

But as for now — I really can’t keep my eyes open. Yawn.



I’m ridiculously busy these days, which is not the worst thing in the world.

I’ve been doing chat reference, for one thing, and I love it. The way it works is, I sign in and then answer questions via chat from people at the ten UC campuses and also from college and university libraries anywhere who subscribe to the system. I’ve been answering a lot of questions lately about how to cite material from the University of the West of England. I’m becoming kind of an expert, actually. It’s fun because the questions are all so different — you never know what people will need to know about. And also, they’re so grateful. You tell them they need to set up their proxy server to be able to access journals from home and they are unbelievably grateful to you. It’s pretty fun.

I’ve also been riding my bicycle everywhere, which is its own kind of fun. I’m part of the bicycling community, now — or it seems that way when I join the throngs of people riding their bicycles in in the morning. Do you know how many websites and instagram pages there are about riding bicycles around? Did you know that riding your bicycle somewhere and making and drinking your coffee outside is a thing? Well, it is. Read this, or just google “coffee outside.” Of course, I am completely excited about this, and am trying to find someone to meet me for coffee outside, or to go on a bicycle camping (apparently it’s called bikepacking) adventure. I would really like to go on a bikepacking microadventure. Here, this is how you pack. I’d go on my own, but I am slightly worried about being eaten by a mountain lion. Hmm.

Anyway — got to go.

(Do you like the little shrimpy fossil in the rock above? It’s from the Dempster Highway — maybe on the Ogilvie River.)



I went with A to a talk about what to do now in the garden. Oh, I wish I had taken pictures, because the garden place has such beautiful gardens. But, I did not.

We rode our bikes there — it was about 20 miles there and back, which is respectable. It was a good plan because we couldn’t carry much home — what I need to do, before I start buying flats of gorgeous plants, is to turn over all the soil in my yard and amend it. Maybe that’s a job for next weekend.

I went to the grocery store and did some laundry and made macaroni and cheese for dinner, spurred, I think, by a conversation I’d been having about comfort food.

It’s a bit cooler this week, although by no means cold. In addition to getting the garden ready for winter and (hopefully) rain, it seems to be time to get the house in order. I carried the last of the camping gear back down to the basement. We can almost eat at the kitchen table now! I put the accumulated drifts of crud in the living room away and began to contemplate, once again, the recovering of the threadbare armchairs. I bought the tickets for the Christmas trip to Peru (gulp) and called all the people in far flung places that I need to call. There were already cranberries at the grocery store, so I baked some cranberry bread. I helped K clean out the part of his office that his admin person, returning from her artist’s residency in the Midwest, will move in to. We dusted, and I bought her some flowers, and a lovely Weck jar to put them in, and a goofy coffee cup from the Crate and Barrel outlet nearby. I stopped at REI and got lights for my bike because I’m already riding home in the dark. I sat in a threadbare armchair and read the parts of the Sunday papers that amused me, feeling sorry for Shrimp Boy Chow.

Must be autumn

Suddenly I feel interested in blogging again. I must have resumed my normal life.

Remember when I broke my hand? Well, the bone has healed, but in the process my pinky got kind of stuck in a bent position, and now I have to go into San Francisco twice a week for hand therapy. It’s quite a hardship, let me tell you. I make it a point to stop at the ferry building on the way back for ice cream, and to drool over the Heath Ceramics booth. And, as luck would have it, the office is right at the end of the California St. cable car — so, what the hell. I have a commuter card, so I don’t think it costs any more than the bus.

Plus, it’s beautiful, and really fun. (Perhaps not for all.)

We’re had really amazing skies lately.








I’m sure this has inspired my desire to start exploring San Francisco. I’ve lived across the bay for years and years, but never in SF. Seems like it might be fun to go across and poke around.


So —

jack london sq


Systems out of whack. Left my phone home today. Can’t seem to make Flickr work the way it used to. Can’t remember my password to see if it’s just the browser. I have to go to SF for hand business and how will I know what time it is without my phone? I should probably just leave now, actually, which rules out lunch . . .

However. I think it’s going to be a good fall. I’m excited about clearing off the kitchen table. I’m excited about starting over in the garden (which is a serious disaster due to a summer of neglect). I’m even excited about knitting again, and hiking, and taking bicycle trips and going to exotic but nearby places to look at birds.

I love fall, and it seems like an excellent season to take up my home-bound life again.

I’m thinking about a series of excursions into SF, even, which I don’t know as well as I could, considering that it’s not far away, and to that end I’ve been reading this book, which is not bad (although it has nothing on Treasure Island, which seems like such a mistake).

I’m even thinking of a few projects of my own, if I ever have time enough to dig down that deep.

Anyway — happy fall! (Or, as we sometimes call it, decorative gourd season)


To continue —

In the interim, we have actually been back and forth to Massachusetts, where we saw both N and M. Great, actually, though a bit rushed. And now I’m back. And at work.

I’m at work on a Sunday, actually, which is incredibly painful because it is so lovely outside. However, I expect that this loveliness will continue, and that I will not have to be at work next weekend. I am looking forward to some sort of exploring — hiking, or possibly biking — just something.

To make it kind of worse, I am being teased with outings I would like to go on — up to Stinson Beach, up to Bodega Bay — I would love to do all of that.

But, I did get 3 loads of laundry done and out on the line. With any luck, I may get to the grocery store and actually get some food made — just begin to remember what it is I do in normal life.

Okay. Now I will attempt to remember what it is I do here at work.