Must be autumn

Suddenly I feel interested in blogging again. I must have resumed my normal life.

Remember when I broke my hand? Well, the bone has healed, but in the process my pinky got kind of stuck in a bent position, and now I have to go into San Francisco twice a week for hand therapy. It’s quite a hardship, let me tell you. I make it a point to stop at the ferry building on the way back for ice cream, and to drool over the Heath Ceramics booth. And, as luck would have it, the office is right at the end of the California St. cable car — so, what the hell. I have a commuter card, so I don’t think it costs any more than the bus.

Plus, it’s beautiful, and really fun. (Perhaps not for all.)

We’re had really amazing skies lately.








I’m sure this has inspired my desire to start exploring San Francisco. I’ve lived across the bay for years and years, but never in SF. Seems like it might be fun to go across and poke around.


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