I went with A to a talk about what to do now in the garden. Oh, I wish I had taken pictures, because the garden place has such beautiful gardens. But, I did not.

We rode our bikes there — it was about 20 miles there and back, which is respectable. It was a good plan because we couldn’t carry much home — what I need to do, before I start buying flats of gorgeous plants, is to turn over all the soil in my yard and amend it. Maybe that’s a job for next weekend.

I went to the grocery store and did some laundry and made macaroni and cheese for dinner, spurred, I think, by a conversation I’d been having about comfort food.

It’s a bit cooler this week, although by no means cold. In addition to getting the garden ready for winter and (hopefully) rain, it seems to be time to get the house in order. I carried the last of the camping gear back down to the basement. We can almost eat at the kitchen table now! I put the accumulated drifts of crud in the living room away and began to contemplate, once again, the recovering of the threadbare armchairs. I bought the tickets for the Christmas trip to Peru (gulp) and called all the people in far flung places that I need to call. There were already cranberries at the grocery store, so I baked some cranberry bread. I helped K clean out the part of his office that his admin person, returning from her artist’s residency in the Midwest, will move in to. We dusted, and I bought her some flowers, and a lovely Weck jar to put them in, and a goofy coffee cup from the Crate and Barrel outlet nearby. I stopped at REI and got lights for my bike because I’m already riding home in the dark. I sat in a threadbare armchair and read the parts of the Sunday papers that amused me, feeling sorry for Shrimp Boy Chow.

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