State of things


Halloween has come and gone. Too hard to wrangle a picture here on an iPad.

I really have to go dig up the garden, and I know that I will feel better once I do.

Feel like all kinds of adventures are out there waiting, though. It’s fall. It doesn’t matter here, but apparently it’s going to snow in the mountains soon.

Feeling somewhat melancholy, although there really is no good reason.



5 thoughts on “State of things

  1. Fall is melancholy. The trees here are almost bare, and the dark comes early now.
    I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. Real life doesn’t have parents’ weekend and October break, so this is the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing my first born.

  2. I must plant my tulips but am apparently redecorating the entire upstairs first, following the windows going in. I am also being slightly ill, just to make both those things an uphill struggle.

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