Weekend plans


I am feeling so antsy. Part of it is that I was gone so much this summer, I am sure. It’s left me feeling at loose ends. There are a million things I do and don’t want to do at home. Cook things, reupholster things, dig up things, sort through things. But when the weekend comes, I do not really want to do those things after all. I want to go outside in the beautiful weather and have adventures.

You know what, I remember being a kid and reading books like My Side of the Mountain. I would spent summers at my grandmother’s lake cottage reading about how to cook fish in paper bags over coals. It’s kind of hard to go from reading about adventures to having them, but I think that’s what I’d like to do. (I do not, however, want to eat a fish cooked in a paper bag over coals. Or maybe I would, but not just yet.)

I know, I did have adventures this summer. But it wasn’t enough, so I’m going for a hike with the Sierra Club this Saturday — just a local one. Then on Sunday, if it doesn’t rain, (if it doesn’t rain! who thought it would ever rain again!) I will dig up the garden and hang out the laundry and — whether it rains or not — cook things.


2 thoughts on “Weekend plans

  1. I have been putting off going through the things Eleanor left in her room. Today I at least cleaned up the plants and the hermit crab terrarium, so I could put their little crab heater on the back. It has turned cold here, down to 32 at night.

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