Maguire peaks


So, I did go for a hike. That peak in the distance is where we’re headed.


It was tough, but I’m glad I did it. I love hiking with my friends, but it’s also great to find that there are groups of people — people I don’t know but who announce it here and there — who go out every weekend and don’t mind going a fair distance.


Kind of great!




I could barely keep up, though, and these were people who advertised themselves as mellow hikers. Maybe I’m just out of shape. Anyway, it’s something to aspire to, and having something to aspire to is not the worst thing in the world.

Sunday I got the whole front yard (which is very small) dug up and composted, just in time for the rain today. Soon I’ll plant some new things to grow slowly over the winter and burst into enormous flowers in the spring.

Very satisfying to return to my usual pastimes here at home. And word came from both daughters and they seem happy and busy, and that is the very best thing of all.


3 thoughts on “Maguire peaks

  1. Mellow hikers – love it! I think that there are only two categories of hikers – idle ones like me and serious ones who have gaiters and compasses. Mellow and Hiking is not a permitted combination.

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