I love this time of year. It’s time to examine all the piles of crap that have drifted in throughout the summer, throw most of them away, and make the house cosy. If we’re lucky, it will rain a lot, and we will need to spend hours and hours inside. Or, we will go outside anyway, but then need to come back in and cozify.

In the interest of cozification, we’re recovering those yellow chairs! They have an almost mythic status in family lore — they date from the period where we really had nothing else very comfortable to sit on. They came with the condo my mother bought in the early nineties. The woman who had owned it before sold it completely furnished, and suddenly there were two rather comfortable little armchairs up for grabs, so we took them. You can tell by looking at them how well-loved they were. And are.

Anyway, I know this is heresy, but I never would have picked that yellow. I’ve grown pretty fond of it, though. You will have to wait to see what color they will become.

I have already moved that metal cup down to the basement, with the rest of the camping gear —

Happy weekend!


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