I made these silly little trees many years ago. I just recently dragged them out again because M wanted to draw them.


I sent her a bunch of pictures.


They are awfully goofy, and they never did stand up right.



It is definitely getting to be the season. We’re flying to Montreal for Thanksgiving to see M and A. I am so excited. It’s going to be cold! I am going to have to restrain myself and only bring one pair of mittens and a reasonable number of pairs of boots. Do you think I need long underwear? How many sweaters? Thank god I have a lot of woolly socks. (I am actually equipped to live in the Arctic. In my sadness at living in a mild climate, I console myself by acquiring things — mittens, socks, sweaters, hats — for my eventual move North. I could go right now. I would like to take my house with me, though.)

We’re driving to my brother’s house in Vermont for the day itself. We’ll have to leave after M’s class on Thursday pm, and come back before her class on Friday am. Those Canadians — seems they do celebrate Thanksgiving, but in October. Luckily, Vermont is part of the U.S., and my sister-in-law is a really good cook.

Inexplicably, I think M and A are going to leave Montreal and move to China sometime next year. I expressed my dismay over this — China is far, and it isn’t Montreal, and I think I really like Montreal — and M said I could go ahead and visit it even if she wasn’t there. And I think I just might — that Justin Trudeau is awfully cute (I know he’ll be mostly in Ottowa) and I have always wanted to learn French.

Anyway — I’ll let you know as plans develop.


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