Montreal was great.


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Good mix of time — M had class and A had work, so K and I spent one day wandering the city on our own. We went out for one fancy dinner. A cooked us dinner one night and we ate pizza at their apartment one night and one night out with my brother and sister-in-law, who drove up from Vermont. Lots of bagels. Excellent museums. Fun wandering streets. It’s a good city — seems like there’s lots going on, but its also affordable, and has that charming mix of seasons I so pine for. It doesn’t hurt that many people speak French. I would totally live there.

We had a great time. Tried but failed to convince them to stay. I imagine Beijing will have charms, too. It just seems very far.

Ok. Now, wham, it’s time to get ready for Christmas.

Moving a little slowly here. . .

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