So, then we took the sumptuous night bus to Lima. We got in about 6 and took a cab to our apartment, where our landlord let us in and we took a nap.

N hates Lima — too big, to hard to get around. But we stayed in Barranco, which is a really sweet part of town with restaurants and laundries and a path down to the ocean, and I liked it. Close to the mass transit, which is just a street car with two non-intersecting lines, but which does go some places — like downtown.


The food tour. This was probably the best thing we did. A very knowledgeable, worldly Lima local picked us up in a van and took us to amazing spots we never would have picked out on our own — a cafe, another cafe, a market, a cevicheria, a restaurant. The spots were amazing, and our guide was great. It was like we knew someone there who was willing to pick us up and show us around for the day.

Shining Path exhibit at the Museo de la Nacion, which is otherwise closed and in the process of moving, which was too bad.


The beautiful Museo Larco, which has the most gorgeous gardens and a lovely restaurant and an interesting collection of pots. I am sorry. I did not take a picture of the erotic pots. But I got lots of pictures of the gardens, and the pot storeroom.




The Museo Nacional de Antropologia, Arqueologia e Historia del Peru, which we had to see because it had the important Raimondi Stela from Chavin. It is a museum in transition. It’s housed in a typical Peruvian building where the rooms are arranged around a courtyard, and all the connecting hallways are essentially outside. Some of the rooms have been redone, but many are still in ancient diorama style, which I confess I actually like. By the end, we were pretty much museumed out, but I loved the building.

This rather complicated picture shows a) a ridiculous diorama, probably of people crossing the Bering Strait, b) how the building was and c) a nativity scene (they were everywhere, and lovely.)


The park of cats (and free wifi)!


We ate out in many celebrated eateries (I still think the best places were on our tour). We walked on the beach at night and hear the surf roar through the cobble-stoned sized rocks that make up the beach. We went to some great markets (those were fun, actually). I really liked Barranco itself. And out apartment was great.

Here are my long-suffering children on the elevator. (I miss them, of course.)


And then we flew home!



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