It’s dark, these days!

In other news, I have had to be out of the house early, these past few days, and I can say that that last half hour or so, where I drink my coffee very slowly with no disturbances at all, is pretty important to my sense of well-being. And if I don’t get it, it takes me a while to recover.

On the positive side, though, my desk is getting a lot cleaner at the office.


3 thoughts on “Mysteriousness

  1. That’s a great photo. And yes, the more leisurely start to the day is very important to me too. It’s a lot of why I get up so very early–just to make sure I get it.

  2. I’ve been getting up a bit earlier in the last year so that I can write (crap) for 10 minutes with my coffee before starting the day. It does help.

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