On hold

I’m on hold.

I’m waiting for the registrar of motor vehicles to explain to me where my registration tags are.

This could take some time, I think.

In other news, two out of four visitors have now passed through without incident. Actually, the visitors themselves have been a lot of fun —

[Oh! Just spoke to RMV person who promised to send another copy!]

Anyhow, the visitors have been fun, but my life is kind of in shambles. Or, more specifically, finding time to exercise is just not happening.

I’m taking things in hand, though. I’ve ridden my bike 2 days in a row, and I’m going to go to exercise tonight. Really.

Also, I am dreaming of gardening, and going to look at wildflowers (look up Carizzo Plain), and going to look at birds.

I am reading Kenn Kaufman’s Kingbird Highway.

And, I don’t have to go back to the dentist until August. And that’s something.


One thought on “On hold

  1. When I got back to Ohio this week, it had started to turn green. Now everything I deferred during my two weeks of travel is coming due, so life has come off of hold!

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