Testing this thing out again —

M has been putting together a website, and I’ve been helping her, and it’s made me remember that it’s kind of fun to have a blog.

So, here’s what I am thinking about:

  • I have lost my card-key for work. This is a disaster, because it has my card key plus my bus pass, plus who knows what else — oh, keys to the conference room. I’m sure I’ve just misplaced it, but it’s indicative of just how insanely busy I am. I just cleaned out my bag looking for it, and that was a good thing, but it wasn’t there.
  • I am crazy busy, but it seems to be ok. I’m taking two birding classes. The year-long one is three sessions/2 field trips away from finishing, but that also means I’ve got lots of work to do. I am really enjoying, it, though. I’m going to miss it. What will I do next?
  • Should I become a naturalist? Possibly. Why didn’t I think of this at 20? I’m not sure, but honestly, there is nothing I like better than tromping around outside.
  • N and M (my daughters, 26 and 24) are both, at this moment, doing great things. N is applying to nursing school, and I read her essays and am so proud of her. Well-written is the least of it — she knows what she’s doing and she understands her subject and she writes so well. She’s the one who surprises you — she never talks, and then she does and surprises you with all she’s been thinking. (I’m sorry to brag, but if not here, where?) And M! She’s living in China with the boyfriend, working on her art, taking Chinese lessons and now teaching English — she accepted a job teaching English to 24 nursing students 2 hours a week. This may not sound like a big deal, but it is a big deal — she tends to think that she’s much less competent than she is, and for her to agree to do it and then do it is huge. She said it went well.
  • The writing of this has been interrupted about 8 times, and now it’s time for lunch, and then to go read some stuff in the archives about local birding. So that is fun, although it would be so much easier if I had not lost my key.
  • I was supposed to go backpacking this weekend, but there is going to be snow and wind and rain so I am not, which is just as well — feels like there are all sort of things I need to do around the house, including find my winter clothes in the attic and bring them down — seems kind of early, actually, but I think it is autumn here now —

I think that  may be all —



2 thoughts on “Hi

  1. I’m glad you’re back!
    It’s never too late to begin a second labor of love. Whether you get paid for doing it is largely immaterial if your paying job allows you to do it on the side.

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