Hello again!


Hey! I found my key again, or rather someone did. It was in the lost and found. I think I dropped it on my way to the car one night. I am very happy to have it back.

We’re getting ready to go away on one last trip of the year. We’re flying east and taking bicycles on the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard. On the way back we’ll stop off to see K’s brother’s family and my mother. We’re just going for a long weekend, and I am slightly worried that some rain is predicted — but actually, a while ago it was predicted for the whole weekend, and now it seems to be just for a morning. That’s fine.

I do love fall. It’s been raining here, which is exciting. (Northern California = no rain all summer.) Seems that there is some snow in the mountains, too. I went birding Saturday and Sunday mornings. Sunday I came home just as the rain started and spent the whole day doing indoor things — I folded laundry, vacuumed the cat hair off the couch, sorted out a ton of mail that had been piling up, and read a book. It was great.

And now, I believe, it is time for lunch.

I am feeling kind of pleasingly boring these days. I really have nothing to talk about. It seems like a good thing, though. I might attribute it to faithful gym attendance — this week, at least. Also, I think I heard a hermit thrush in the yard this morning. Such a pretty song — though I’m not sure they should be singing at this time of year — could it have been a young golden-crowned sparrow? And I’m finally thinking about sewing up a sweater I knit over a year ago. See? Boring, but happy.

That’s it —


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