Some comfort

img_4711It’s been a terrible week.

Book group on Thursday was comforting, just because it was good to be around similarly shocked friends.

Friday I finished assembling my power point presentation for my master birding class, and then gave it in class that night. Eleven of us gave our presentations. They were all interesting, and it’s great because we’ve all become friends — finally, now that the class is about to end. When we finished, out instructor stood up and said that our presentations were all great, and that especially now, when the country is in the dire situation it is in, our leadership will be needed — in many of the ways I’ve been thinking about “Nature is really going to need a friend,” he said. And we felt like Dumbledore’s army.

Saturday I went on a day-long field trip through the delta, seeing beautiful ducks and cranes and geese. It was a lovely day.

Today I have done laundry and cleaned up a bit here and there. In the afternoon, I took the BART over to the lake in Oakland, where we planned to form a ring around all 3.2 miles around the lake. It was a protest, and a very civil one. So, I did that and then came home and now I’m sitting in a chair covered by my sleeping bag while the cat sleeps nearby. There’s soup on the stove, and I made cornbread and the laundry is mostly done and I am cozy and warm and pretty tired.

I think I might actually go to bed pretty soon. The sleeping bag is extremely comforting.



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