We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We went down to Carmel with my brother and a friend, and stayed in the friend’s house — it had been his parents’ weekend house. It was so lovely — it’s still full of their things, and kind of perfectly set up for a weekend away. There was lots of cooking and eating and walking and reading and napping — everything you want in a holiday weekend.

We came back Friday night because I had to lead a bird trip on Saturday morning — it’s a requirement for my Master Birding certificate — and I lead it despite the rather dire forecast. In the end, it did not rain, there were 12 participants, we saw 11 species (which is not very much, but honestly, about what you’d expect) and people seemed interested in the history of the change in birds species on campus over time. Also, I had lots of international people, which was great because for them the pretty common birds were actually interesting — life birds, even! So that was good, and the best thing is, it’s over.

Today I have succumbed to the cold I’ve been fighting with for 2 weeks. I’ve spent the day in a chair with Cora napping nearby. She’s happy we’re home. I’ve been reading The Hidden Life of Trees, which is really interesting, although in my head I hear it being read in the voice of Werner Herzog. (We just watched Into the Inferno, which I really recommend.) I’ve finally taken decongestant, since it’s pretty clear this thing is not going away on its own.

And now, I have two weeks to get the house in order before the girls come home. I would really love to get rid of 98% of my belongings. I’m going to see what I can do. This house is plenty big enough for the two of us, although it’s possible the space is not apportioned appropriately. There is no front hall closet, for one thing. It would be great if there was a study-like room on the first floor for Kevin — one we could close the door on. There’s not enough space for things like batteries and lightbulbs. Maybe some of that could go down into the basement — which you can only get to from the outside, sadly. I wonder if it wouldn’t make sense to make access to the basement from inside and then add an office for Kevin down there — huh. That’s kind of appealing.

Anyway. We could certainly stand to get rid of lots of stuff and maybe I will begin with that —

Happy incipient holiday season!



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