Ho ho ho or ho hum

Yikes. I’ve got to go home now and unearth the kitchen table so my book group can come over, and then I have to go down to the Cheeseboard to buy pizza, gluten free and regular, to feed them, and then I have to make a salad. And buy some wine.
I guess I’m trying to get everything done before the kids come home. I’ve been to the dentist, the doctor and the eye clinic. I’ve paid the erratic gardener. I’ve ordered a quarter cord of firewood. 
I actually love this time of year, when everything shuts down and you have a week, maybe two, where you don’t have to do anything. (I know some people have to do stuff, and I’m sorry about that.) But there is a lot of prep to get there. It always feels like you’re running and running and running and then eventually, ready or not, you have to stop. I wish I could take next week off. I have to work through Wednesday. that makes it harder. Trying to get everything ready while also trying to do your job. While calling the wood people and the dentist and trying to figure out the gardener’s erratic billing.
And then I’ve got to clear the excess boxage out of the kids’ rooms.
It’s a lot. I guess I’ll do what I can and forget about the rest. I do have a jigsaw puzzle. I am looking forward to the days when that’s all I have to do.
It’s this balance of having a million things that you want to get done and having that time to do nothing, and at some point you just have to give up on the 75% you have not managed to do. And it’s always ok. No one needed that extra recipe of cookies, and if you don’t get the brakes fixed on that one bicycle it’s probably going to be ok.
This year there’s some underlying sadness, too. There’s Trump and the terrible damage he’s causing everywhere. I think we’re going to turn things around and more people will get involved and we will realize that we don’t want to be a country of fascists and gun nuts and despoilers. I hope. But then it’s still a little sad that there are people who do want to be fascists. What happened to them? I really can’t think that people choose that understanding of the world because their lives have gone well. And then there’s the issue of what he’s managed to ruin in the meantime. If we’re lucky, he will not cause a nuclear war, but I think that’s only if we’re really lucky.  And then there’s family stuff (extended), which will probably sort itself out, but which is definitely sad in the meantime.
Anyway. There you have it. And now I really do need to get home —
I’m actually really tired, which I kind of think is due to the mental anguish caused by the Trump administration more than anything.
But there it is.
I will listen to Pod Save America as I clean. That will cheer me right up.

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