Suddenly, I find that I am missing a place to post quick notices of daily doings. I can’t promise that I’ll keep this up —

  1. It’s spring! or maybe even summer! I rode my bike to work yesterday for the first time since last fall, and then to a party, and then home, up a giant hill. It was exhausting, but surprisingly doable. I’ve been trying to go to the gym regularly (i.e., for the past two days) and I am completely worn out. But then I was able to ride my bike up the hill — I can’t figure out if I’m in terrible shape or ok shape. I think, maybe, with my 60th birthday breathing down my neck, I’m going to have to just expect things will take me longer. It’s probably not ever going to be that I am going to beat 30 year olds up the hill, but then again, just getting up the hill at all may have to be good enough. I may never be able to hike 25 miles in a day. Oh, the other thing is that this lengthy ordeal was about seven miles. 🙂
  2. Also, I really do want an electric bicycle.
  3. I’m taking a class on the natural history of the California islands at a local community college. That’s another weird thing — what can I do with this? I sort of want to go on and get an AA in biology. Is that nuts? I mean — obviously I should not take a spot away from some young person who can go on and have a career. But it’s interesting, and I am enjoying it — hmm.
  4. I’m hungry —

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