Family reunion


I went to a family reunion for my grandmother’s family. I have kind of  weird feeling about them because they are very much a clan, some of them are fairly well off, and because my grandmother’s father and mother died when she was young and because she then married and moved to North Dakota, she was kind of cut off from them.

However, this reunion was kind of fun.

The family pretty much made its fortune moving across the continent cutting down virgin forest. All of siblings ended up stationed in some place where they were involved in milling lumber, from Vancouver, B.C. to the bay area.  The talk was very much about trees. We talked about all the giant redwoods they were responsible for destroying and how the woodwork in the family home was pretty much heartwood redwood. We also talked about how much of coastal northern California used to be covered by redwoods. Probably a lot.

It also seems like other cousins had similar ambiguous relationships to the big group.

I’m glad I went because  liked some of them —



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