Cleaning out

We’re getting ready for a big house project. We’re building a deck off the kitchen, and under the deck a study for K, and in the basement we’re digging out in preparation for an eventual apartment.

It’s possibly crazy. We have a three bedroom house— shouldn’t that be big enough for two people? But the fact is, It often turns out that it’s good we have two guest rooms. And it would be great for everyone if K had a place to store all his papers. He really does not at the office.

So. We’re going for it. And I’ve been clearing out the basement in preparation.

Coincidentally, it’s also fall, which means there’s a lot to do in the poor neglected garden. Also coincidentally, but because it’s fall, it’s fire season, and power has been cut off to the campus I work at for the past three days.

So I’ve been doing a lot of clearing out. And finding boxes of stuff we shoved into the basement when we moved in, 13 years ago.

It makes me nostalgic.

I’m sitting in the pleasant, airy backyard. I am very glad that all this packing and cleaning, which had the cat very alarmed, is not because we’re moving anywhere.

It’s going to be great.