Teevee watched


Downton Abbey
Trying Mad Men again. Third time’s the charm?


Foyle’s War


Battlestar Galactica I sort of can’t believe I’m watching these. And yet —

Boston legal Totally hilarious.

Looking for Lincoln What an odd show — I’m wondering how much I’m liking Henry Louis Gates’s personal journey to an understanding of Lincoln. M  kept making noises about how unfair it was.  I don’t know — it’s all kind of a setup anyway.  Any icon is going to turn out to have been an actual person with warts, etc.  Perhaps the surprising thing is that gates was surprised. Did I like the set-ups — gates coming to Doris Kearns Goodwin’s house, or the dinner party with the Lincoln scholars (and where where they? It looked like they were eating in someone’s foyer.) Well, maybe — I just imagine Doris having to clean up her house.  I’d have to buy new furniture.  But — it actually was informative. The biographer’s oral histories — those would be worth looking at.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer (god help us . . .)

The Closer

Gilmore Girls

Jeeves and Wooster


Saving Grace

True Blood

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