Some plans

So, apparently, and unbelievably, I am about to do this, on a bicycle.


I can’t really believe it either. I am happy it’s a couple weeks away, and believe me, I am enjoying the hell out of every night remaining that I get to sleep in my own bed.

Here’s the plan. K and M and I fly to Minnesota. We drive to North Dakota, where we have a small graveside ceremony for my grandmother (with the rest of my family), then drive back to Minnesota, to a lake resort near where I spent every summer as a kid. It’s not my lake, or my lake cottage, for that matter, but I am a little excited. I loved spending summers at the lake.

After a few days, M and I fly north to meet M’s boyfriend, A, and then we set out for points north.

I am having a hard time believing that this will really happen, but it seems, as we move forward, that it will.


Hey again!

The pins came out, and the hand’s in a splint now, which I can remove to shower or even just to look at my hand! I’m not supposed to use my pinky too much, so that’s a little weird, but I think in a week or so I can.

So that is pretty exciting. Right?

Reading Station Eleven, which I like a lot. Nearly done, and I don’t really know how it will all wrap up.

That is all.

(My hand is so happy to be able to feel things again! I think I am not a person who would enjoy a sensory deprivation tank very much.)


I was so looking forward to getting the stupid pins out of my hand today, but the doctor wasn’t in, so I have to go back tomorrow.

And that’s two hours out of my day, by the time I get there and back.

It’s a nuisance.

Nearly there, but I want my arm back. I feel like it’s going to take forever to use my arm, hand, and fingers again, and I want to get started.


Well, then


I believe I may have mentioned that I’m attending a conference this weekend. It just happens to be local this year, which is why I’m going. Well, also I’m going to check it out and see if I prefer this organization to the one I usually go to, which meets in the middle of July.

There’s not a lot of money in my profession, which is why we meet in the middle of summer when smart people are lolling about in hammocks. We generally assemble in some steamy town and sweat a alot.

Anyway, I’m feeling somewhat overwhelmed, which explains why I was up from 2-5 this morning worrying. The upside is that I planned out my schedule, which I had somehow been unable to do before. The downside is that there’s a session this afternoon that I’m going to have a hard time staying awake for.


Furthermore, I think it’s time for lunch. You know what I really want? A grilled cheese sandwich. How odd. I don’t think i can have one, but that sounds really good.

Okay. That’s it.

Happy summer


All of a sudden it feels like summer.

I’ve still got this blasted cast on my arm. It’s such a hindrance! I can’t swim. It’s completely messing with my exercise routine –although there are still things I can do. I can’t garden. Everything I can do takes at least 50% more time than it would otherwise . . .

But I guess I should not complain. It could certainly be worse. A full body cast would be way worse, for instance.

The other thing, though, is the way that not being able to type kind of means I can’t really think. So there’s not a lot of thinking going on here.

Which maybe is okay for summer.

I finished rereading Regency Buck, which has a really interesting construction, and am on to The Grand Sophy.

I’ve been watching a lot of the World Cup.

I’ve given up on eating much — it’s just too hard.

I’ve got two summer conferences to go to — and am seriously regretting I said I’d go to either — What kind of profession makes you go to conferences in summer when you really should be napping by the lake?

All right, then, I’ve got stuff to do. Stuff that will take me way longer than it ought to . . .