The South


Surprisingly nice down there!


I think I might go back. It turns out they have summer down there (in April, even). Also it’s possible there are people down there who would be willing to go on microadventures with me.

Granted, it may no longer be a microadventure if you have to drive 7 hours to do it. But it may be the closest I can come.

Also, my brother is incredibly patient with my mother. When she asks a question that appears, on the fact of it, to be ridiculous, he just answers it calmly — even if it’s a question I would need to beat back with a flaming broom because it verges on prying. Interesting. It may be that he’s male and I’m female. It may be that he’s the baby, and less annoyed by prying.

In any case, it made me think. Both that maybe I should try to be more patient and less annoyed. Maybe. And also it may have some bearing on why my oldest daughter seems to be more prickly than the youngest. Interesting.

Okay, I’m starving now.

We saw the Oldest’s best friend from high school. She’s living down there. That was very fun, and now I miss that oldest prickly daughter more than ever. Photographic evidence on the tome de visages reveals that she’s been hiking in the Andes and seems very happy — so that’s good.

Heading south


We’re flying south tomorrow night. My youngest brother has moved down there, so we’re going to go visit him. My mother will be there, too, and I think her idea may be that we will help him look for houses. While I think I would not want to look for houses assisted by family members, he might feel differently. We shall see. She is very anxious to have him settled.

I think he’s 47, so probably capable of handling this on his own, but he is the baby of the family.

Heaven help him.

I am thinking it might be nice to look for some birds, eat food and lie on the beach.

I’ll report back.

So —


So —

I’m so sleepy today. I stayed up late reading, and then there wasn’t actually sufficient coffee when I got up and a busy morning meant I never really got sufficient coffee until it was too late to matter.

Now I’d like to go home and take a nap — it’s much too late for that, though.

Ok — I will make some kind of an effort here in the waning moments of the day —


My fitness cult had a healthy cooking class at lunchtime. I was paired up with a kind of slow woman from a previous session who I didn’t really know. We had to make tuna fish cakes and roasted green beans. The roasted green beans, which I took over, turned out well. Our fishcakes never really held together, but they were pretty tasty.* It’s a hard assignment, to cook a recipe you don’t know with a person you don’t know. Also, it is possible that sometimes I am not the most patient person in the world. Oddly, there is another woman in the program who isn’t in my Monday/Wednesday exercise class, but who I have seen here and there. She always asks dumb questions. But she was cooking next to me with some French guy, and I actually think we would have made better partners. She knew how to cut up an onion, at least, and how to read a recipe.

Just a few more reasons you might want to think twice before hanging out with me, eh? If you’re a useless cook, anyway.

But I do think we’re lucky. The Monday-Wednesday exercisers have become a pretty tight group, and I think we’ll stick together and find some other class to take Monday and Wednesday nights at the gym when the program ends. I like all of them a lot. It’s like one of those neighborhood teams in a Disney movie, right? We’re all unlikely characters, but we’re a little family, and some of us are strong and others of us can actually run or do planks on two points and our coaches have their own backstories and together we’re going to win some competition we have no business winning. It’s the kind of thing that writes itself!

*Thinking back on our tuna fish cakes; ours were certainly the ugliest, but they might have been the tastiest — by virtue of the fact that they weren’t very mashed together. Hmm. Something to ponder.



I am suffering from crabbiness, which I really have no right to. I had a perfectly nice weekend — a hike on Saturday followed by a trip to the nursery. I went to this amazing hidden place to go birding on Sunday, and then had dinner with friends Sunday night.

Maybe it was the extra glass or two of wine last night.

Maybe it’s the fact that you can’t do everything on the weekend — if you go hiking, you can’t garden, and the garden is in an awful state.

Anyway. I’ll leave you with a picture of a larkspur surrounded by owl’s clover.

The wildflowers were wonderful. Gosh, I wish I could go back and look at them again today.



owens family, 1968

That’s a picture of my family, after my father died, after my mother married my stepfather with his five kids, after one younger half-brother was born and before the youngest half-brother was born.

I’m in the middle. I must be about 8. We’re in Oak Park.

We lived in a great old Victorian there, but soon after the baby was born, we moved to Connecticut.

My god, that was nearly 50 years ago.



Sorry for the less than great picture, but there were about six goslings being herded around by their parents. They were actually a bit more visible in real life. Here I think you can see one, and he’s pretty camouflaged. Very sweet and very fluffy.

I woke up at three this morning with a cough. I think dust blew in my window, because very soon after I woke up it started to rain and rained for the next three hours or so. It was wonderful. It’s also a bit chilly again.

What should I have for dinner, by the way? We had eggs in purgatory for Easter brunch, and that’s all I really want to eat now. And, by the way, I am hungry.

Okay — I now have to finish up a report so I can get out of here and go pick up my car from the mechanic. It’s fine — a regular service sort of thing.

And in my fitness cult, we had to make up our own exercise plan — like a circuit of exercises. I worked with Caroline. I’m going to miss my fitness friends when this is over. But it was also kind of fun to plan a circuit. I will have to think about this a little more. The question is, should you include something you don’t like but should probably do? I convinced Caroline that we should include lunges with that reasoning. Something to think about.