More animal news

My daughter Maddy rescued a dog!


Maddy lives in Beijing. This dog was hanging around her neighborhood.


He didn’t seem to belong to anyone, and he seemed like a nice dog —

IMG_0517She was worried the security people would take him away or worse, so she did some research and found a rescue place that would take him, train him, and try to find a home for him. She just had to catch him and take him to the vet, and the rescue would pick him up from the vet. There were even people who would help her catch him.

Last week she met other residents of her garden, which is what a neighborhood is called in Beijing, who were the dog’s friends. They were worried, too, and thought Maddy’s plan was a good one. So today, Maddy, the dog catchers, the dog friends, and Maddy’s boyfriend all gathered to catch the dog to take him to the vet. It was raining, so Maddy was worried that they might not find him, but they did!

IMG_0515Armed with treats and a leash, they found him, cold and wet, and lured him into the car. The vet said he was healthy, so it’s off to the rescue. Maddy will visit next week.

He seems like a sweet little thing. I wish she could keep him.

In other news, I’ve been working in the garden, where suddenly everything is in bloom. It’s nice to be out there.

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