Brooks Island

Q38hvt8sR2+NbMIwSPyoWQI went out to Brooks Island! It’s an island in the bay that is notoriously hard to get to. I’ve been looking at it for 30 years and I finally made it out there with a class I’m taking. You’ve got to go out with a park ranger, and the fact that it’s surrounded by shallow water and lots of mud makes it that much harder.

ZrcKMuuIQheMRUobId7wLAORHLIs5wREaLgSFDyfsZLgL%tXDpgxQq21w56oUEDPBAF79JHf7DT+qvomgOK+MQ5gGwD3SGKhRTa190Aq1+tiYAIt was worth it.

4 thoughts on “Brooks Island

    • HI! Not good at checking these messages yet. It was a whalewatching type boat — 2 decks, help 25 people, not big but not small. It anchored offshore and we took a little inflatable motor boat (held about 8) in. The caretaker had had a flatbottomed boat in, but that was not great because the bay has pretty strong wnds.

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