I’m ridiculously busy these days, which is not the worst thing in the world.

I’ve been doing chat reference, for one thing, and I love it. The way it works is, I sign in and then answer questions via chat from people at the ten UC campuses and also from college and university libraries anywhere who subscribe to the system. I’ve been answering a lot of questions lately about how to cite material from the University of the West of England. I’m becoming kind of an expert, actually. It’s fun because the questions are all so different — you never know what people will need to know about. And also, they’re so grateful. You tell them they need to set up their proxy server to be able to access journals from home and they are unbelievably grateful to you. It’s pretty fun.

I’ve also been riding my bicycle everywhere, which is its own kind of fun. I’m part of the bicycling community, now — or it seems that way when I join the throngs of people riding their bicycles in in the morning. Do you know how many websites and instagram pages there are about riding bicycles around? Did you know that riding your bicycle somewhere and making and drinking your coffee outside is a thing? Well, it is. Read this, or just google “coffee outside.” Of course, I am completely excited about this, and am trying to find someone to meet me for coffee outside, or to go on a bicycle camping (apparently it’s called bikepacking) adventure. I would really like to go on a bikepacking microadventure. Here, this is how you pack. I’d go on my own, but I am slightly worried about being eaten by a mountain lion. Hmm.

Anyway — got to go.

(Do you like the little shrimpy fossil in the rock above? It’s from the Dempster Highway — maybe on the Ogilvie River.)

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