Family happiness


So. We’re going down to Peru for xmas, which is going to be wonderful — I will take pictures — but does add a weird and stressful overlay to the Christmas season. Should we get a tree? No, but then it is really sad to not get a tree. I think I will get a little tree, although really I should be worrying about luggage and phone service rather than trees.

I like trees, though.

I realize I really do not like to travel at Christmas, although it seems profoundly ungrateful to complain about any kind of traveling at all and especially to a far off and interesting place where our family will be together.

I have to say, though, that one of the best Christmases I ever had was the first year I moved to California. I could not afford to fly back home so K and I stayed here and went camping at Point Reyes. I love Christmas and all its trimmings, and yet it was fabulous to be out, hiking from one campsite to another on Christmas day, which was sunny and bright and perfect. Having no car, we took the bus, which delivered us to the Bear Valley Visitor’s Center. What a crazy idea, but it worked.

So, I am hoping that this year will be like that one — full of exploration and freedom and family happiness.

And we’ll be home for New Year’s eve, too — we can drive from the airport to A and A’s party. That will be fun, too.

5 thoughts on “Family happiness

  1. My favorite Christmas in recent years was last year, when I spent Christmas day hiking around a lake with a dear friend. Have a wonderful and safe trip.

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